Iqrar-ul-Hassan Confirms His Third Marriage: Details Revealed

Iqrar-ul-Hassan Confirms His Third Marriage: Details Revealed: Get the inside scoop on the renowned Pakistani host and crime reporter, Iqrar Ul Hassan. Known for his famous show Sar E Aam, he has recently made headlines with his rumoured third marriage. In a candid YouTube interview, Iqrar opens up about his multiple marriages, addressing societal perceptions and emphasizing the happiness and satisfaction within his family. Discover the truth behind the buzz surrounding his personal life.

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Third Marriage Confirmed

Iqrar Ul Hassan Confirms His Third Marriage - Shares Details

It has been officially confirmed that Iqrar Ul Hassan, the renowned Pakistani host and crime reporter, has entered into his third marriage. This news has created quite a buzz among his fans and followers.

The Fame and Controversies of Iqrar Ul Hassan

Iqrar Ul Hassan has gained immense popularity through his famous show, Sar E Aam. His fearless approach to reporting crimes and exposing social issues has earned him a timeless fame in the industry. However, along with his success, he has also faced his fair share of controversies.

Rumours of Third Marriage

Recently, rumours started circulating on social media about Iqrar Ul Hassan’s alleged third marriage. These rumours were fueled by the pictures of Iqrar with host and Vlogger Uroosa Khan, which left everyone curious about the truth behind the speculations.

Iqrar Ul Hassan’s Confirmation

In a recent interview with Lahore Rang, Iqrar Ul Hassan Syed finally confirmed his third marriage with anchor Uroosa Khan. With this confirmation, the speculations and rumors can now be put to rest.

Acceptance and Justification

When asked about his multiple marriages, Iqrar Ul Hassan expressed his belief that it is not necessary to discuss this topic in detail. He accepts the greetings and congratulations from people but prefers not to dwell on it due to societal norms. He firmly believes that as long as he is not causing harm to any of his wives and they are happy, there is nothing wrong with his decision. He acknowledges that multiple marriages are considered negative in society, and not everyone can afford it. However, he also highlights that the circumstances and personal lives of his wives are private matters and should not be glorified.

Clarifying Fourth Marriage Rumours

Putting an end to the rumors, Iqrar Ul Hassan clarified that there are only three marriages, and he has not been involved in any fourth marriage. He emphasizes that everything about his personal life is open on social media, and any claims beyond the confirmed three marriages are baseless.

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